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Sleeping Giants


Leucadendrons, the Sleeping Giant Chart

To be successful in today's highly competitive and fast changing environment, it's vital to be receptive to new and different ideas and products. This is particularly true in the floral world.

As floral artists/designers, it's important to expand our palettes to encompass vibrant new materials that stimulate new approaches to floral creations.

There are a myriad of plant materials out that, although they may have been available for ages, are only now being "discovered" by florists and the flower buying public. They can add excitement to the design process and, at the same time, create additional sales and profit opportunities. For filler purposes, it's hard to beat the protea genus leucadendron. With over 70 known varieties, it offers an almost endless diversity of filler materials.

The females of the genera are noted for their eye-catching bracts and cones, while the males display a wide range of showy inflorescences.

Leucadendrons can provide background foliage, as tall as you may require, to blend with or accent your featured blossoms. They're available as cupped or starry bracts, single or multi-headed forms and in colors of silvery green, bright butter gold, and various shades of red, rosy pink and greens.

All of these leucadendrons offer the extra value of unusually long vase life. They'll look great for at least 10-12 days, and most of them will continue to be decorative as they dry in tapestry shades of brown, pink, and mint yellow.

Those listed in the chart constitute the tip of the iceberg as far as these plants are concerned.

Surprise and delight your clients with: Beautiful blooms, interesting bracts, unique terminal cones, a rainbow of colors, superb drying qualities, an exotic diversity of shapes, the best filler

greens in the world and the long (15 ft.) and the short (6 ft.) of it - they last and last and last and last.

So reach out and expand your floral horizons with protea leucadendrons. © 1997 - 2017
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