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Origins of Protea

Protea is recognized as having two seeds per flower and two flowers per floral bract. The Protea is a part of an ancient family, present at the time when the dinosaurs ruled the earth. It is believed that the protea then was separated with the breakup of the continents Gondwanaland thus major classes found in South Africa, Australia and South America.

The majority are found in Australia (over 800 species - 550 species in southwestern Australia and about 400 species in Africa (320 species specifically in the southwestern Cape).

Central-South America has about 90 species, while 80 species occur on the islands east of New Guinea, 45 species in New Caledonia and a few species in Madagascar, Southeast Asia, New Guinea and New Zealand. Through focused efforts by individuals such as Howard Asper and colleagues, over 150 species of protea have found a new home in southern California.

Neriifolia Protea

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