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Growing Protea - Pruning

1. Proteas, Banksias and Telopeas

Tip-prune for the first two year whenever stems grow 9" - 12" without branching. Then allow the plant to flower on the third year. Cut the flowers with a long stem, but always cut into stem with heavy green leaves.

a. Tip-pruning in first two years to encourage branching.

Prune_1 prune_2

2a. Leucadendrons and Leucospermums

Tip-prune for the first growing season if no branching occurs then allow to flower. Subsequent pruning is achieved by picking the flowers.

Cutting flowers of Leucospermums and single flower Leucadendrons (e.g., Silvan Red, Led. tinctum, Led. salignum).

b. Tip-prune initially if necessary. c. Allow to flower after 6 months,
and then cut flower with long stems.
prune_4 prune_5

2b. Multi-flowered Leucadendrons

Including eucalyptifolium, flordium and uliginosum.

Cut large pieces when they flower, or after flowering if the flowers are left on the bush.

Multi-flowered Leucadendrons
1 year old    |    2 year old


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