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The Company — California Protea Management

Through detailed research, we have discovered that most florists and floral designers do not have a steady source of unique products available to create their designs. To fulfill this need, CPM provides unique and unusual products for various floral markets in a one-stop shopping environment.

It is CPMs goal to continue to maintain the reputation of a steady source of unique flower and exotic foliage. Presently, the floral industry is familiar with less than 5% of the over 1,600 varieties of Protea.

Over the past 40+ years, we have collected seed and plant material of many of these varieties for local introduction from all over the world. Through our research and testing of new techniques, California Protea Management will continue to offer superior, unique products, while expanding inventory. Through the broadening of inventory, CPM is able to offer many choices of plants, cut flowers and foliage.

It has been a priority of CPM to learn of the many plant families that have similar growing conditions as the proteaceae, such as the acacia, eucalyptus, hakea, melaluca, mimeties, restitous and waxes. These plants also add to the beautiful displays of cut flowers and foliage, for the niche markets that California Protea Management already services.

Ben Gill, the force and drive behind California Protea Management states, "There is nothing more promising or exciting than the future of protea and the many other exotic flora grown in Valley Center, California."



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